I do not know if you are familiar with Oreo cookies ™, or the Dutch equivalent “Sandwich Biscuits”. It is a double layered cookie with a creme in the middle that keeps the two sides together. This creme, besides it being very tasty, is the essential part to make the Oreo complete. If the cream is too runny the sides will not stick, if it is too dry they won’t either. It is essential to have a perfect substance to have the sides stick together and make the Oreo what it is supposed to be! This concept applies to many situations in life. You need the right components / ingredients to bring and keep things together. For example: Personal relationships: Respect, integrity, humor, … Project management: have the right people in the right place at the right time, … Office management: the right hard- and software and supplies for your staff, ... ICT: “garbage in = garbage out”; the correct information and the correct questions / queries and interpretation. Etc. etc. I enjoy creating and maintaining a good “creme” for the different things we face in life. My experience and qualifications are all part of this process, but they are not “it”. A willingness to learn new things, “stepping outside the circle” and finding enjoyment in helping people are my strengths. I have good people skills and find it easy to interact with a variety of people.


What is the most important part of the famous OREO cookie? The creme in the middle, which holds the two sides together.


Important principles, that make a good working atmosphere, are: 1. Common sense; 2. Respectful humor; 3. Professional and being approachable; 4. Willingness to work hard for your goals.

Okko Koorn - Owner

- Married - Age 50+ - Hands-on - Pragmatic - Flexibel - Honest

Experience with

- Financial software (NetSuite OneWorld, Cash, Unit4 Multivers) - CRM / ERP - MS Office - Online banking (International) - Foreign currency (incl spot transactions) - Personnel-/payroll administration (Nmbrs, BambooHR, Loonloon) - * I consider myself an advanced and skilled software user * -


- Family - Relaxing on the couch - Social responsibility (Treasuser of a non-profit organization, indirect involvement with a diversity of relieve organizations) - Movies - Wandering