Because your company may need (extra) help in your (financial) administration soon, or even now. However, you do not (yet) need a permanent employee for whatever reason, but at the same time there is the need to temporarily have someone who wants to roll up their sleeves.

You may recognize one of the points below, so you may be interested:

  • A deadline must be met, and we just might make it or not.
  • Someone is about to be (temporarily) absent due to maternity leave, burnout, someone leaves etc.
  • There is / will a new system installed and it will take a lot of time to transfer everything, there is a need for someone who has an affinity with this and a lot of experience.
  • An inventory has to be made of what the function will involve and one therefore wants an interim solution to jointly assess this and thus be able to decide who to take on as the future colleague.
  • You want an experienced, capable person for a very reasonable price.
  • ………

From the information on this website you can conclude that there is sufficient experience to be of service to you in these situations.

The biggest difference with regular temporary workers is the human aspect; just a very friendly, respectful person, with a nice character and positive input that your company would like to support. And that also for very competitive rates, which we surely come to an agreement about.

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Okko Koorn, owner.